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Karen Zoid (born Karen Louise Greeff) is a female South African rock artist with both vocal and guitar talent. She is also an acclaimed songwriter.[by whom?]

On 3 May, 2008 she won the South African Music Awards SAMA for Best Female Solo Artist of 2008, one of the 5 most prestigious music awards in South Africa.

Born, on 10 August 1978, in Brussels, Belgium, to a South African diplomat,[citation needed] Karen Zoid grew up in Belgium and then Johannesburg, where she developed from a teenage busker on the streets of Johannesburg[citation needed] to an award-winning national figure.

Her band is composed of Don Reinecke, the lead guitar and co-writer of many of her songs; Rixi Roman on bass guitar; and Marc Rausch on drums and percussion. As of 2004, she and Don Reinecke are married. On 29 January 2007 Karen gave birth to a boy, Ben Francis Reinecke.