Magadien Wentze. Subject of the book 'The Number' by Johnny Steinbeck. Magadien is not your regular philanthropist. Truth be told, he is a reformed psychopath. For 25 years this gaunt shadow of a man, known among his close circle as "the heart-eater", was known to those whom he savaged and brutalised at Cape Town's Pollsmoor Prison as a mere number - as the leader of the 28s, who meted out feral retribution on rival gangsters and held carte blanche over who lived and died.

Now 47, Wentzel purports to have gone straight, returning to his violent home turf of Manenberg in the Cape Flats to preach against this district's institutionalised culture of drug-fuelled crime.
Magadien Wentzel
Hillbrow Fort, Constitution Hill.