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Riku Lätti (born 11 June 1973), is a South African singer, songwriter and writer.
In South Africa Riku collaborated with superstars such as Steve Hofmeyr, Laurika Rauch, Paul Riekert among others. His songs where sung and recorded by people like Karla du Plessis, Theuns Jordaan, Laurika Rauch, Jakkie Louw, the all girl punk band The Pheobes and the jazz outfit Tsunami.

In 2005 he broke onto the international music scene when he completed his first tour in Belgium and the Netherlands. In 2006 during a follow-up tour through Europe he performed with Stef Bos. On October 1, 2007 Lätti releases his first album in the Benelux (Akoesties). For this album he re-recorded some of his best songs in a stripped-down version, using only his voice and a piano or a guitar.

He is also the chief in charge of zimdollar, an Afrikaans cult newspaper.