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Mosima Gabriel Sexwale
(born 5 March 1953), commonly known as Tokyo Sexwale, is the current Minister of Human Settlements of South Africa. A South African businessman, politician, anti-apartheid activist, and political prisoner. His nickname of "Tokyo" is derived from his involvement with the sport of karate as a youth. A charismatic leader, Sexwale was imprisoned on Robben Island for his anti-apartheid activities, alongside figures such as Nelson Mandela. After the 1994 general election—the first universal franchise election in South Africa—Sexwale became the Premier of Gauteng Province. He retired from politics in 1998 and subsequently became a major business leader. Sexwale is married to a white paralegal he met while in Robben Island, Judy van Vuuren; they have two children, Gabrielle and Chris. On 10 May 2009, South Africa's new President Jacob Zuma appointed the veteran Sexwale as Minister of Human Settlements.